Mold on Corks:

Hungarian Wine making history dates back to the Roman Empire. Since that time, the use of caves have always been the preferred optimum location to mature wine. Caves provide a cold, dark and a high humidity climate which is ideal for storing and aging wine.  
Because of this, mold can be found on wine bottle corks, and this is very normal.  The mold comes from the way wine is aged, in the bottle, after aging in barrels. This mold does not, however, effect the wine inthe bottle, it is only on the top of the cork.

The Twickle Danube Valley Cuvee and Cabernet Franc are aged this way. First, they are matured for 1
year in Barriques (oak barrels), and then aged an additional 4 years, in the bottle, while in these
underground caves.

This process gives the blended Cuvée a display of roasty aroma from the solid pairing of Cabernet
Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Kekfrankos grapes. For the traditional Cabernet Franc one gets notes of red fruit, mint, eucalyptus, roasted coffee, cocoa powder, and an earthy minerality.

If desired, the mold on the cork can be cleaned, but it is not required. In order to clean the mold, wet one half of a paper towel with water and wipe off the top of the bottle. Then, wipe the dry side of the paper towel over the top of the bottle. Uncork the bottle, allow the wine to breath, and then, Enjoy!



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