Welcome to SeaSide Wine Club

Seaside wine club was founded on the principles of providing quality sustainable and organic wine by delivery. 

The practice of sustainable and organic wine making ensures that farming land, maintaining vines and grapes, harvesting grapes, and processing wine will not negatively impact the local ecosystem. So we have traveled the world looking for the best organic and sustainable wines for all occasions. It will always be our goal at Seaside Wine Club to provide our members with fast & easy wine delivery that they will enjoy accompanied with friends and family around the dinner table or any social gathering.

We are dedicated to providing the finest valued wines delivered from vineyards who are devoted to producing wine through organic and sustainable viticulture benefiting our environment for future generations.

We certify that the vineyards we select operate with attention to the specific practices regarding maintaining soil health naturally, and promoting biological diversity. The results are a healthier and more productive vineyard, winery, and a cleaner landscape.

So enjoy our personally selected wines, delivered right to your door, while we continue to work hard to ensure you, your family and your friends receive some of the world’s tastiest wines.

Twickel Family Wines

The Twickel family heritage dates back over 700 year with direct ties to agriculture. 

Returning to the roots of his mother, Maria Terezia, Countess Zichy, Baron Georg von Twickel founded the Twickel Wine Estate in 1993.  Located in the historic Szekszard wine region, and because of the uniqueness of the climate and rich soils, the Twickel Wine Estate is focused on staying true to the utmost values of nobility in producing some of the best wines in Hungary. They attach a special importance to viticulture with a focus on preserving the character of the wine producing region and vine types in the wine. This dedication leads to maintaining the natural flavors inherent in the vine, as well as, adhering to the practices of Sustainable Winemaking. This is precisely why we have chosen to carry the Danube Valley Wines in our natural wine club. The Cuvee is an excellent, sustainably sourced wine for any meal and appeals to many pallets. After a year in oak and then aged in caves for four years in the bottles, this Danube Valley Cuvee is ready to enjoyed.

Twickel Family Wine Club California
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Takler Family Wines

International Wine Club in California

The Takler family has been in winemaking since the 1700’s.

The current winery, founded in 1987, is a family owned and operated sustainable vineyard. In order to grow the finest grapes at the highest quality, high density of the wines (5.000-6.000/hectare) are planted applying modern, low cordon and Guyot training systems. Very strict yield controls mean excellent, fully ripe grapes harvested only by human hands, which means superb wine quality, guaranteed.

In 2004, the family winery was awarded the Hungarian Wine Maker of the Year for its rustic wine house and cellar located just off the Danube River in the hills of Hungary’s famous Szkeszard Wine Region.


Szekszárd wine making history dates back to Roman Times.

Today, the Szekszárd Wine Region is known for its quality bold red wines, white wines and rose wines. The climate features cold winters, mild spring and fall and the summers are warm and dry.

Originally featuring the Hungarian Kadarka grapes in the early 1800’s, today finds the Hungarian Kékfrankos grape the predominate wine. Szekszárd is also one of only two wine regions authorized to produce the Bikavér wine variety, a unique “secret” blend of Kékfrankos, Kadarka, and 2 or 3 additional reds. This wine is referred to as Bulls Blood wine in other wine regions which are not subject to the same quality and blending standards.