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 We are dedicated to providing the finest valued wines from vineyards who are devoted to producing wine through organic and sustainable viticulture benefiting our environment for future generations.

We certify that the vineyards we select operate with attention to the specific practices regarding maintaining soil health naturally, and promoting biological diversity. The results are a healthier and more productive vineyard, winery, and a cleaner landscape.

So enjoy our personally selected wines while we continue to work hard to ensure you, your family and your friends receive some of the world’s tastiest wines.

Twickel Family Wines

The Twickel family heritage dates back over 700 year with direct ties to agriculture.  Returning to the roots of his mother, Maria Terezia, Countess Zichy, Baron Georg von Twickel founded the Twickel Wine Estate in 1993.  Located in the historic Szekszard wine region, and because of the uniqueness of the climate and rich soils, the Twickel Wine Estate is focused on staying true to the utmost values of nobility in producing some of the best wines in Hungary. They attach a special importance to viticulture with a focus on preserving the character of the wine producing region and vine types in the wine. This dedication leads to maintaining the natural flavors inherent in the vine, as well as, adhering to the practices of Sustainable Winemaking. This is precisely why we have chosen to carry the Danube Valley Wines. The Cuvee is an excellent wine for any meal and appeals to many pallets. After a year in oak and then aged in caves for four years, in the bottles, this Danube Valley Cuvee is ready to enjoyed. standards.

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